Sunday, January 23, 2011

A bit of PC TC history.... Part 2

Well, I'm back out of the hospital, sitting in Princeton at Dianne's parent's house realizing that I meant to post on my blog yesterday. Sorry for the delay. I just kinda get in a daze when I leave the hospital and inevitably forget to post a new blog. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, just some typical leg soreness and nausea. I hate the way I just mope around the house making people take care of me, but I guess it's for my own good. My Dr. at Vandy pretty much told me to be ready to go to the hospital again for blood issue stuff but I hope to beat that this time. OK, so now I'm just wasting time so, here we go...

After getting back home and letting reality set in, I had a better grasp on what was going on, and I could mentally prepare for what was about to happen. In one week I was going to be laid out on a table and going to have half of my manhood removed (at least that's what I initially thought). But, the orcheictomy, was the most important measure in finding out exactly how far the cancer had progressed, or if it had even progressed at all.

So, during this week of waiting, I was also in my last weeks of school, considering graduation was just around the corner. So I had another decision to make. Was I going to fight to finish school this semester, or was I going to take it easy and do it all next fall. After speaking with my parents at the time, it looked as if I was going to take a medical leave for the rest of the semester and focus on figuring out what was going on and get it taken care of. The next day, April 2, I went to my professors and brought them up to speed on the situation. They, for the most part were very sympathetic of the situation and wanted to do whatever they could to help out. I did have one professor that was going to make me either finish the course or fail, but I figured one failed class wasn't going to hurt anything.

So after a week of prepping the early morning was here. I'm about to go under, and get this going for sure. I rode down with Dianne, and my parents as well as hers were following close behind me. When we arrived at the hospital, I didn't know if this was going to be an outpatient surgery or if I was going to be spending the night to get my bearings on track. But shortly after getting checked in, they brought me back to prep before the surgery, where I was able to take my dad with me. That helped a lot, it was really nice to have my dad back there to kind of just talk me out of the fears I was having (which honestly weren't that many) but none the less it was still nice to have him there. After I got prepped and ready for the surgery, Dianne got to go back there and different relatives came in and wished me well prior to surgery. About 45 minutes after that, Dr. Franke (my surgeon) came back and wished me well, followed by the anesthesiologist to prep me for surgery.

After getting prepped by the anesthesiologist I was on cloud nine. I don't really remember anything from this point on, but Dianne did say I was taking orders from all the nurses because we were going to Pattis after I got out of surgery.

The next thing I remember is sitting in recovery after surgery and the nurse telling me I had to pee before I could go home. That was the last thing I could think about doing, all things considered. I had just had my left testicle taken up and out toward my stomach, I didn't want to pee. So, I asked the nurse for a sprite. 3 Sprites later I was ready to go. My dad helped me outside the room where there was a restroom for me to utilize, unfortunately, there was also a nurse sitting outside my room that I had apparently shown my whole butt to and politely reminded me that my gown was open. But, I peed, which wasn't pleasant, and now I could go home. 

The ride home was fine, the kept me pretty out of it until I got to Princeton (it was easier to do alot of the healing related things at Dianne's house considering it was central and her dad was a doctor and mom was a nurse). When I got back to their house, I went and laid in her parents room for a couple of hours, got sick, and then stumbled into the sun room because I could hear that my parents were still there. I hung out with my folks for a while, and then stumbled my way back to bed where I pretty much stayed for the next three days.

I would venture out every once in a while. My biggest complaint was not being able to play golf. Prior to my surgery, the Dr. told me it would be a few weeks before I would be able to go out and golf again, so of course, this frustrated me to no end. But, I was able to go outside and sneak a couple of chip shots in every now and again. But, we were getting close to the 16th of April and our first meeting post op to find out the results.

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  1. Hi Paul Corder! Just wanted you to know that I've been following your story. I'm so sorry for what you're going through, but so very encouraged by your attitude! My family has been, and will continue to pray for you and your family!!
    Angie (Beltz) Eaton