Friday, January 14, 2011

Prepping for Round 3...

Well folks, I'm headed to Nashville on Monday to start my 3rd round of chemo. And after this past week and the fact that my parents are coming in this weekend couldn't pump me up more. This week has been amazing. I have felt well all week, therefore I've been able to spend time taking care of paperwork that has needed to be done for weeks, cleaning my office, getting the garage ready for the arrival of my toolbox and most of all, getting to spend quality time with my wife.

It seems like lately, everything Dianne and I do together involves something with cancer, bills, or something else that just leads to stress. This week we got to just have fun and enjoy each other. We have been working through a devotional and Dianne has been getting caught up on her photography as well as getting her office/ studio in order. It has been nice just to spend a week doing normal things. It makes me feel less sick.

My parents are coming in this weekend to do a couple errands and help out around the house. I can't wait to see them, because that means that I get to hang out with little sister as well as Lucy (her new puppy). My parents are so awesome. They're coming in to paint our dining room as well as install better lighting in the garage. I'll be glad when I can supply them with an adequate bed to sleep on. But, I suppose their air mattress will suffice :-).

Well, I've had a few requests regarding me posting some wedding pictures, so I'm gonna close this post with just that. You all have a blessed day.

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