Friday, March 18, 2011

Paul, We've Got Good News...

I have faith that is something I am going to be hearing a week from today. My RPLND is next Thursday. I won't lie to you, I'm incredibly nervous. Nervous of what, I really don't know. I guess it's the fact that when you're under, you have absolutely no control of anything, and that is a scary thought. Not to mention the fact that this is a 4-6 hour surgery, and that is going to seem like an eternity to my wife and family I am sure. On a positive note though, I have almost a full week of relatively nice weather to hit as many golf balls as I possibly can before I head to Nashville.

I got to spend the entire day outside today working on the yard. It was AMAZING! Normally I would have dreaded going out to rake up a winters worth of leaves and picking up debris, but I loved it. I even sprayed the front yard for weeds, as well as fertilized. Hopefully it will green up and be ready for summer. Today was the first day in months I didn't feel like I have cancer. I got out, broke a sweat, did some manual  labor, and bought a wheel barrow. Today was a good day.

Please continue you keep me in your prayers that God will watch over the surgeons next week as well as heal the cancer from my body. This has been my prayer and I have faith that it is going to work. Good night friends.


  1. I hope and pray you're hearing good news next week too. That will be great!

    Congratulations on the wonderful day in the yard, Paul. You're an amazing inspiration!

    May God continue His good work in you and through you.

  2. When you get back to Murray, I'll let you enjoy yourself in my yard! Praying for you always! Pat