Friday, December 10, 2010

Week one..... ALMOST DONE!!

Well, today has been interesting. I had my "malfunctioning" port removed this morning. It was actually quite interesting. I spoke with the surgeon during the procedure about the Colts game since I was just given a local anesthetic. Definitely was a moment that I will never forget, just because of the sheer, awkwardness of it all.

Unfortunately, I'm now starting to feel some of the side effects of the chemo. I woke up this morning with severe pains in my knee and ankles. It has made it extremely difficult to move around. But, I did get Di back today, which always makes me happy. She is such a trooper, doing things for me constantly, never putting herself first (although she did just get a beautiful haircut). She's currently looking into volunteer work that she can do on the weeks that I am staying here. Mainly stuff in the children's hospital, she's such a sucker for kiddos. Here is a link to an event she is doing,  Help Bring Christmas to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

This being my second time going through chemo, I'm really trying to do better about getting to know my nurses and doctors. I also ask numerous questions about my medication, just to make sure I am as schooled as I can possibly be. I have twice as many meds this time, compared to the last so I want to really know what everything does. I'm also realizing that I am rambling, therefore, I need to head to bed and get ready for another full day tomorrow.


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  1. Paul,
    I send you best wishes from Miami. I'll be following your blog; eager to here of your progress.
    Chris P.